What is Complaint Box World

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What is Complaint Box World

Post  A. Hidden on Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:29 am

We call ourselves, CBW, venting frustrations and trying to work through what we know we cannot always change. It is common to use things like 4chan and such for this kind of work. This forum escapes the problem with viruses and such. We do ask one thing of members, as many of you have gone through annoying people, frustration with family, and other problems.

I, A. Hidden would like it that people use this forum as a place not to cause problems for others, to vent and have someone to vent at, that's all I ask for.

CBW, is the idea that is from Durarara with the Dollars who wanted to do good and listened to the bad things of the world. I would like this place to eventually become a community online. Not a place to get mad at people and also eventually just change the name entirely to something a little less cold and strange. It is CBW now, so welcome.
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