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Rules and Regulations

Post  A. Hidden on Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:47 am

1. Its nice to talk about what you don't like, this is a Vent zone
2. If its about people, don't use their names, and don't use violence, think about what you would to do to improve situations
3. This is venting, not reality, so whatever is said here is vents.
4. If you hate someone, that's fine, no spamming it all over the board.
5. Trolls, ARE NOT WELCOME, though we are a message board for those who are angry at things.
6. Spam, no spamming advertising
7. Absolutely no racism is allowed here, if you don't like someone based on that, then find somewhere else please (if someone can't follow this rule, I will delete your post, you have been warned)

Other than that welcome to the board...we welcome those who want to broaden the world and try to avoid idiots.

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